Potential Combination ASP/CSP Workshop

Sep 23, 2019

Potential up and coming Combination ASP/CSP Workshop scheduled for November 14-17!

This workshop will be presented by Dan Wheeler, Owner of the Las Vegas Safety Workshop. Classroom location TBD. (Tri Cities, WA)

Dan will present the class if a minimum of 10 people sign up. So far 6 have committed to the class.

Payment will be $850 for the ASP and a discounted price for the 4th day for the CSP review. Payment will be expected the first day of class. (The ASP will flow directly into the CSP review.)

The BCSP will credit 0.5 CEU’s per day for those that may need BCSP CEU’s to assist with their recertification.

Please to respond Susan Mowbray at sdmowbra@bechtel.com with your name, phone number and email address that you wish to be contacted by.